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Why we need Dent ? if we have WhatsApp/Viber/Skype

Why we need Dent ? if we have already have WhatsApp and viber and skype … etc?
What Dent could do but WhatsApp can’t
1. Dent allows you to buy data, voice minutes.
2. Dent allows to top up data for anyone in the world cross country borderless.
3. Allows you to call people on their landline or mobile if they don’t have smart phone.
4. IOT devices could be topped up using Dent in the future .
5. Get free minutes and data for watching Ads on the app.
6. E-Sim allows global roaming of data with Dent .
7. Can trade your unused mobile data.
8. Get 400 minutes of free calling time to any 5 countries of your choice for Holding Dent


Dent getting ready for Brazil release

Mikko: We are technically and agreement wise ready to launch Brazil, waiting for Carriers to open the gateways
You have to consider, we are working with companies that have 50+ million users, and they have processes for

Question: When will you guys be launching in India?
Mikko: Same situation in India, looking for the push of the button, no drama
Actually, we are in talks to add even more operators in India, no announcements yet
We are still pushing to get Brazil this week, if not then in the next days, no issues there, just big machines to roll

Question: What is the strategy for getting 1 Million downloads by Q2 ?
Mikko: Marketing and advertising as always when you want users;)
Yeah we should plan an AMA tuesday next week, as we have so many new things to discuss, hope tuesday will
fit to you guys

Question: So marketing and advertising are in the works?
Mikko: Oh yes, the users dont come if we just spray fairy dust here in Germany, of course it requires heavy marketing
Yes, in Mexico users will get free 100MB data when they register, and we will have a campaign for that on some
of the largest consumer websites in MX

Question: But more than getting 1 Million downloads just on books my take would be bring value by having the right app
features for the prepaid users which makes the users to come to the app for their data needs
Mikko: Indeed, we want continuous users of course
We will have tons of new stuff to discuss next tuesday, yet stay tuned this week too;)

Question : how does Europe looks as it seems not on Radar?
Mikko: Europe is on radar, yet we start with the cross-country remittance markets outside Europe there is the most
desperate need for data topup


Dent has a triple advantage for voting in Binance

Dent has a triple advantage now

1. Chance to get listed in Binance which has high volume trading platform for liquidity

2. Dent has the Android app release next week 26 February 2018

3. Dent showcase of their Data trading prototype on Mobile World Congress on 26 February 2018

That’s a triple advantage for voting for Dent on Binanceimage-7


DENT Coin chance of getting listed in Binance – Vote for DENT Coin

Get ready for Binance Community Voting that starts Feb 21. February 10:00 UTC. Help @dentcoin to get listed on the largest Exchange of the world!

There’s triple advantage of casting the vote for Dent Coin

  1. Dent has its Dent Android app release scheduled for next 26 Feb 2018 (already DENT has a successful IoS app since December 2017) — the Android release will make sure DENT is targeted for release in Brazil and India which will facilitate DENT to reach the hands of 500 million smart phone users and ready to buy data using their DENT app.
  2. DENT is participating and doing a showcase of their DENT trading on Mobile World Congress, one of the biggest Telco events where more than 4000 Telco operators participate in the event scheduled during 26–28th February 2018.
  3. DENT has a chance of getting listed in Binance, one of the biggest trading platforms for high volume trading and liquidity. Dent has been selected for the Coin of the Month competition from BINANCE

Please cast your votes for maximizing the chance of getting listed in Binance.
Thanks for your votes. Every vote counts.